Purchasing Information

Understanding the unique needs of our clientele, Pacific West Flooring prioritizes both security and convenience in every transaction. In an era where online transactions can often be vulnerable to security threats, our approach is both traditional and innovative. We encourage our customers to engage with us directly via phone for purchases, ensuring a personalized, secure, and efficient shopping experience. This method not only fortifies against the prevalent issue of credit card scams, particularly in the flooring industry, but also allows us to provide a tailored service, addressing each customer's individual requirements and queries in real-time. Following your purchase, we welcome you to visit our family-owned store for in-store pickup. This process guarantees that you receive our top-quality, luxury flooring products safely and conveniently, reflecting our dedication to excellence in customer service. At Pacific West Flooring, we blend the best of bespoke assistance with the peace of mind that comes from secure, direct transactions, all while offering you an unparalleled selection of exquisite flooring solutions.